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June 19, 2015, by Alex Bivol

A year after the Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB) asked to be put under the central bank’s administration on June 20 2014, Bulgaria has made very little headway towards a satisfactory […]

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Pattern of provocateurs in clashes in Bulgaria

June 15, 2015, by Clive Leviev-Sawyer

It has long since become a familiar pattern. There is a protest in some far-right cause or a conflict, lately often involving Roma people, and soon on ...

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The undesirables

May 28, 2015, by Maria Lipman for the European Council on Foreign Relations

This week, both houses of the Russian parliament approved legislation regarding “undesirable organisations”. According to the new norm, a prosecut ...


Macedonia: A pawn in the Russian geopolitical game?

May 27, 2015, by Deutsche Welle

The political crisis in the small Balkan country of Macedonia has caught Moscow’s attention. It might be developing into a new arena for the ong ...

  • Andrzej Duda
    President Duda: What happened in Poland?
    May 25, 2015, by Piotr Buras of the European Council on Foreign Relations

    Andrzej Duda’s success in Poland’s presidential election is a political earthquake. Not only did Duda, an inexperienced, second-rank politician from the opposition Law and Justice Party, outwit all the opinion […]

  • vladimir putin kremlin ru
    The price of coexistence between the EU and Russia
    May 17, 2015, by Piotr Buras of the European Council on Foreign Relations

    If the main flaw of the European security order after 1989 was that it was unsuited to incorporating Russia in the long term, isn’t it high time for a deal […]

  • US ambassador Marcie Ries
    US ambassador’s remarks on judiciary reform in Bulgaria
    May 15, 2015, by The Sofia Globe staff

    US ambassador in Sofia Marcie Ries participated in a conference on judiciary reform, organised by three foreign business chambers in Sofia on May 14. This is Ries’ address, as posted […]

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    Ukraine’s reform crossroads
    May 7, 2015, by Vessela Tcherneva

    Ukraine has not crossed its Rubicon. The most important and urgent decisions for its future, both internal and external, are still ahead, and the next few months will be decisive. […]

  • hrvynia
    Ukraine’s economic pressures
    April 30, 2015, by Andrew Wilson of the European Council on Foreign Relations

    With Ukraine’s economy on the brink of disaster, the International Monetary Fund agreed a $17.5 billion package for Ukraine in February. Some think this programme will save Ukraine’s troubled economy: […]