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People pay homage to terror attack victims at the Place de la Republique square in Paris France after panic spread about another possible attack, November15 2015. Photo: D. Schearf / VOA
December 2, 2016, by The Sofia Globe staff

As Daesh, the so-called Islamic State (IS) loses ground in the Middle East, the pattern of its recent terrorist attacks in Europe suggests that it has already adopted new tactics […]


Spiting Russia, Montenegro gets pro-Nato government

November 29, 2016, by Deutsche Welle

On Monday, Montenegro’s parliament approved a new cabinet led by a former intelligence chief who vowed to pursue the tiny Balkan nation’s ...

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Three years after EuroMaidan Revolution, Ukrainians disappointed

November 25, 2016, by The Kyiv Post

Great hopes for a better future drove the wave of demonstrations that swept Ukraine starting in November 2013 – demonstrations that ultimately swept ...

Photo: European Parliament/

Majority of European Parliament votes to freeze EU membership talks with Turkey

November 24, 2016, by Deutsche Welle

The majority of lawmakers in the European Parliament on Thursday voted to halt membership talks with Turkey after Ankara’s post-coup crackdown o ...

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    Election campaign heats up in Republic of Macedonia
    November 24, 2016, by Independent Balkan News Agency

    Macedonia’s VMRO-DPMNE, led by former PM Nikola Gruevski, is accusing the opposition leader, Zoran Zaev of planning to federalise the country by making the Albanian language the second official language […]

  • As expected, July elections in Turkey moved Recep Tayyip Erdogan from the prime minister's office to a new role as president. His place as the strongman of Ankara was increasingly unchallenged, in spite of the tragedy of the deaths of hundreds of miners in Soma, to say nothing of the continuing crackdowns on protesters, his clampdowns on traditional and social media, lavish spending on a new presidential palace, his sharpness towards the EU and Erdogan's plain statement that he had no intention of holding to presidential neutrality.
    Turkey looks east as EU mulls suspending its membership bid
    November 24, 2016, by Dorian Jones of VOANews

    Turkey’s decades-long bid to join the European Union hangs increasingly in the balance as criticism grows over an ongoing crackdown following July’s failed coup; but, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan […]