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December 15, 2017, by Deutsche Welle

More than a third of the weapons used by “Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria came from European Union states — including Germany, a new report has found. The data […]

Greek economic turnaround continues

December 15, 2017, by Independent Balkan News Agency

The positive signs coming out of the Greek economy increased this week as the country saw its fiscal targets being met while unemployment drops and bo ...

Europol’s ‘Most Wanted Fugitives’ list with Bulgarian ‘representation’

December 15, 2017, by Imanuel Marcus

Europe has learned from the United States. None other than J. Edgar Hoover discussed the idea of a list of the most wanted criminals with a journalist ...

Ryanair strike: Implications for Bulgarian flight connections possible

December 13, 2017, by Imanuel Marcus

Ryanair may be a so-called low-cost airline, the first one founded in Europe. At the same time, Ryanair overtook everyone else in the European busines ...

  • Erdogan visit to Greece sparks political controversy
    December 8, 2017, by Independent Balkan News Agency

    The historic visit by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Athens on December 7 sparked a political disagreement between ruling party SYRIZA and main opposition New Democracy. In the first […]

  • Minor earthquakes rattle Bulgaria and Greece
    December 8, 2017, by Imanuel Marcus

    Two minor earthquakes, one in Greece and one in Bulgaria, have occurred in the past few hours. At 6:05am locat time, an earthquake shook Northern Greece. It had a magnitude […]

  • Vardar River floods the central part of Skopje
    December 1, 2017, by Independent Balkan News Agency

    The heavy rain falls of the recent hours in the Republic of Macedonia have flooded several areas of the country. The Crisis Management Centre says that the level of threat […]