Bulgaria: Renovation of Sofia Synagogue completed

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The renovation of Sofia’s Synagogue has been completed. Both the northern and southern tower of the building urgently needed to be refurbished. The construction work started in September of 2017.

Shalom, the organisation of the Bulgarian Jews, said all guests, Sofia residents and community members could now see and “enjoy the building in its full glory.”

Both Shalom and the Central Israelite Spiritual Council thanked the donors who made the renovation possible. They mentioned the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Charles and Susan Knapp, as well as Asher Ostrin.

Sofia Synagogue from the inside. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

The Sofia Synagogue was inaugurated in September of 1909, after being erected for four years. The premises on which it was built had been occupied by an old synagogue before.

Tourists visit this synagogue a lot. So does the relatively small Jewish community in Sofia, for Shabbath services and Jewish holidays.

For several decades, during communist times, the Sofia Synagogue was hardly used, because of the oppression of religions, including Judaism.

Photo on top of page by Sofia Synagogue.


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