Top 10: You know Christmas is coming to Bulgaria when …

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There is no denying the fact that Christmas is coming closer every second. This definitely applies to Bulgaria. Everybody is already panicking, since they need to get a million presents. Eeeeek! Christmas is coming and can’t be stopped. These are the signs telling us the season is almost here.

You know Christmas is coming to Bulgaria when …

1. … the 8,286 malls in the country are crammed like Beijing Central Station.

2. … they start selling chocolate Easter bunnies, since chocolate Santas are already sold out.

3. … even Santa Claus gets stuck on Boulevard Vassil Levski.

4. … the usual BS about winter tyres is spreading in all 500 Facebook groups for expats in Bulgaria.

5. … the Bulgarian Christmas Market pops up in the German capital. Or was it the other way around?

6. … “beautiful” Christmas decorations, ordered in 1976 by Todor Zhivkov, are being hung up on Sofia lamp posts.

7. … colleagues at the office start distributing those disgusting filled chocolates for 2.49 leva per box.

8. … all of these Christmas bazaars start collecting teddy bears for Aston Martin drivers in Monaco.

9. … you decide to skip most Christmas dinners, while standing on the weighing scale.

10. … they start dispensing Valium at stores with special Christmas sales.

Photos by Imanuel Marcus.


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