For vacationers from Sofia: Expect these 13 and a half changes at home

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Sure, the sand, the salt, the sun, the sea and all of that. But, at some point everyone will have to come back to Sofia, when duty calls, or when the next mathematics class is on. Sofia has changed in the meantime. These are the top thirteen and a half changes people will be surprised about, when they return:

13 and a half: Boulevard Dondukov now looks like a beach. Really.

13. Krakra is now a chaotic two-way street, on one end.

12. Diesel clouds still stink. A lot.

11. Proper German butter at Lidl now costs 5 Leva per pound.

10. The monument “1300 Years” has dissolved.

9. Boulevard Patriarch Ephtimi is back at your service.

8. The big hole at “Theatre Sofia” is actually not a meteorite crater, but a Metro station.

7. The damned Five Corners (“Pete Kucheta”) are now the Four Corners.

6. The Sushi at “Happy” is not getting any cheaper either.

5. You left your car in Sofia? Well, its dashboard has probably melted down.

4. Green are the new Green Zones.

3. Everyone was lazy in your absence. No work got done.

2. Traffic was a lot better before you returned.

1. An archaeologist found the packaging of a “Mars” chocolate bar, under a pile of dirt, on Vitosha Boulevard.

Photo by Valentin Vassilev



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