Caught at airport: German tourist brings home Hitler mug from Bulgaria

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A German citizen, who spent his vacation at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, flew back to Germany with 13 mugs, which showed Adolf Hitler’s likeness. The tourist had bought the mugs in Bulgaria. The German customs started penal proceedings against him.

In Germany, the use of anti-constitutional symbols, such as Hitler’s face or swastikas, is forbidden by law. Offenders face high fines or prison sentences of up to three years.

According to the customs at Düsseldorf Airport, the 39-year-old man from the city of Essen did not seem to be a neo-Nazi. When he learned about his possible penalty, he seemed to be shocked.

It is not the first time a German tourist, who spent time in Bulgaria, returned with forbidden items. In the past, legal proceedings were initiated against tourists who attempted to import other Nazi symbols to Germany, or dangerous weapons such as certain kinds of knives.

In Bulgaria, inflammatory Nazi pamphlets, Nazi t-shirts and other Nazi items are being sold at stores in Sofia, but also at antique markets and sales stands at Black Sea resorts.

In Germany, it would take minutes until the police would show up and seize the items.







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