Refugee crisis: Asylum-seeker freezes to death in Bulgaria, 3000 confined

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An 18-year-old refugee from Afghanistan was found dead in an abandoned industrial complex in north-western Bulgaria. According to the authorities, an autopsy revealed that the man froze to death. Also, he was undernourished. The location they found him at shows the victim most likely wanted to leave Bulgaria by crossing the border illegally and go to Western Europe.

Since the beginning of 2016, a total of 13 000 refugees have been registered in Bulgaria. The same amount of Syrian and Afghan asylum seekers had entered Serbia and Croatia every day, during the peak of the crisis, a year ago. According to the Bulgarian authorities, the number of refugees coming into the country is decreasing.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria’s largest refugee camp in the town of Harmanli, located close to the Greek and Turkish borders, with 3000 refugees, was just locked, meaning the asylum seekers are not allowed to leave the camp anymore. This happened after Bulgarian ultra-nationalists and their followers had demanded exactly this step, in protests, which took place in Harmanli, Varna and Sofia.


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(Main photo: Harmanli refugee centre, Bulgaria, in March 2014: EC Audiovisual Service)



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