Sofia’s Borissova Gradina: The lungs of the city

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The communists called it “Freedom Park”: Borisova Gradina is the largest and oldest park in Sofia. Most of it is actually a forest. The park spreads from the city center all the way to the Izgrev and Iztok quarters of the city. It is an oasis of quietude in this rather loud city, as well as a source for some cleaner air in the most polluted city in the European Union. Without Borisova Gradina, Diesel clouds would rule even more than they do anyway.

It started in 1882, when mayor Ivan Hadzhienov commissioned the Swiss gardener Daniel Neff. The task was to create a big park. Over time, other famous gardeners were in charge, who kept on changing the park step by step. Back then, it became a place for relaxation and nice weekend walks. Today, Borisova Gradina is not just a great place for children to play in, or for lovers who feel like holding hands during a romantic walk, but it is also necessary, since it improves the air quality, at least to some extent.

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