A fascinating place in Bulgaria: Nu Boyana Film Studios

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When you come home after a long day at work, you jump into bed and want to watch any entertaining move, while falling asleep, and you see Ethan Hawke racing a pimped up Ford Mustang through your hometown, that is when you know Nu Boyana Film Studios are involved. Or, when you walk through the park next to Sofia University, and you see Swedish police cars chasing some hot shot, they are part of this too. When Morgan Freeman posts pictures of himself enjoying a nice dinner in Sofia, you can bet he did not come here for the rose oil or the feta cheese either.

Nu Boyana Film Studios is owned by Nu Image and Millennium Films. Anyone who enters movie theatres, now and then, has read these names and remembers their logos. Since the studios, up there in Boyana, were founded 50 years ago, there is no way those production companies could have owned the place from day one, since communism collapsed only 27 years ago. That’s right: The communist regime in Sofia had the studios built and movies shot. But, first of all, that was a completely different ball game, in many ways. Secondly, the communists did not have what the studio has today.


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