Bulgarian expats abroad: From despair to happiness

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Well over a million Bulgarians live all over the globe. They are musicians in Canada and Germany, nurses in Austria and Italy, factory workers in The Netherlands and Switzerland, Diplomats in the U.S. and Greece, street musicians in the UK and France, they are jobless, they are top managers, truck drivers, waitresses, criminals, prostitutes, artists, teachers and university professors. They are everything. And they are many.

Some Bulgarian expats abroad lived in Stolipinovo, Europe’s largest Roma slum, and decided to get out of there, since there was no perspective. Others left Sofia, Plovdiv, Bourgas, Varna, Stara Zagora, or villages in the middle of nowhere. Their reasons for leaving Bulgaria are different as well. Escaping poverty, seeing the world, getting salaries which make sense, studying languages, leaving a country in which governments and the oligarchy tend to think of themselves first, and in which former State Security agents are self-proclaimed superstars. Some followed someone they love, others want to collect experience abroad.

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