Same-sex marriage: Romanian president blasts Orthodox Church

Written by on October 20, 2016 in Europe - Comments Off on Same-sex marriage: Romanian president blasts Orthodox Church
Against earlier predictions, Sibiu mayor Klaus Iohannis was handed a decisive victory in Romania's presidential elections, defeating prime minister Victor Ponta, a blow for Ponta's social democrats certain to have negative ramifications into 2015, likely for Ponta himself.

Romania’s president has called for tolerance and acceptance of minorities. The statement was connected to a pending case about same-sex marriage at his country’s highest court.

Klaus Iohannis, who is part of the German minority in Romania, as well as a Lutheran, and who therefore belongs to two minorities himself, stated: “Tolerance and acceptance of others are vital. These are the values I believe in.”

Iohannis, whose comments were unconventional, compared to those of most eastern European presidents or politicians, also sharply criticized parts of the Christian Orthodox Church of Romania. “Religious fanaticism does not help society. If being a Christian leans toward fanaticism, it sends a wrong signal.”

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