Human Trafficking: Many Bulgarian victims in Switzerland

Written by on October 19, 2016 in Bulgaria - Comments Off on Human Trafficking: Many Bulgarian victims in Switzerland

Just last weekend, 300 “Walks for Freedom” in 40 countries were organized. Those events are demonstrations against human trafficking. This dirty business spread all over Europe decades ago. In some countries, such as Switzerland, authorities are now gearing up, in order to fight this disgusting form of crime.

Human Trafficking is often about prostitution, like in a case, which is nowin front of a German court, which we covered ten days ago, and in which both the victim and the perpetrator are Bulgarian. But there seems to be a high number of human trafficking cases not connected to prostitution as well, especially in Switzerland.

Many human trafficking cases can be fought effectively, as long as authorities in different countries cooperate, experts believe. But there will always be a large “dark figure” (an estimated number of unknown cases), which the authorities do not know about, or which nobody knows about, apart from the victims and perpetrators.

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