Anna Dimitrova: A Bulgarian top manager in Germany

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As a teenager, Anna Dimitrova lived through the collapse of communism. Her father, who suddenly lost his job back then, taught her how to look for new opportunities. Exactly 20 years ago, she went to Germany, in order to study. She has been working there ever since. At first, she had a Greencard, by now she has a German passport. Today, Anna Dimitrova is one of the few Eastern European top managers in Germany, holding a high position at Vodafone.

In an interview with the Handelsblatt daily she said she had never run into prejudice because of her gender. But she was discriminated against because of her Bulgarian origin. After studying economics at Sofia University and at Erlangen-Nuremberg University, she did her business degree with the best grades of the entire faculty. But, when she applied, an HR person asked her what she was better at, compared to German applicants. In the Handelsblatt interview, Anna Dimitrova said, she was furious back then, since that question had implied Bulgaria was a backward country.

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