Anti-Semitism at Unesco: Bokova fighting her own organisation

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Jerusalem Israel photo Marketa Skornickova

The Bulgarian Director-General of Unesco, Irina Bokova, has basically promised to fight her own organisation, after Unesco passed a scandalous resolution, sponsored by several Arab countries, in which the Temple Mount and the Western Wall — Judaism’s holiest sites — were only referred to by their Muslim names. In the resolution thousands of years of Jewish and Christian history were being erased.

Photo: UN Photo/Manuel Elias

Photo: UN Photo/Manuel Elias

After the vote, Bokova answered a letter from Knesset member and former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni, which was sent before the vote, and in which she had complained about the revisionist actions put forward by anti-Semitic regimes. According to the Times of Israel, Bokova wrote in her reply, her organisation would battle the delegitimization of Israel, and continue to promote Jewish heritage around the world, while fighting against Holocaust denial.

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(Photo of Jerusalem: Marketa Skornicko)



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