What’s On: Plovdiv Jazz Fest 2016 from November 1 to 5

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The Plovdiv Jazz Fest is going into its next round, with some of the greatest artists, both Bulgarian and from abroad. The 2016 fest will feature so many masters that we don’t really know where in the hell we should begin. Let’s start at the beginning.

Plovdiv Jazz Fest, November 1 to 5 2016, Cultural Centre Boris Christoff

“Four Ladies Sing Bossa Nova” November 1 2016, 8pm

It  starts with Four Ladies Sing Bossa Nova. One of them is Beloslava, a brilliant vocalist from Sofia, whom we have followed and listened to over the years. With her smooth voice, which has to be described as truly sexy, she delivers a wide variety of styles. If we had to put her music into genre drawers, we would say many of her albums contain Bulgarian Pop tunes, including hits, which were converted into videos, and sung in a very unique way. The Beloslava way.

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