German Green Party official: ‘No more deportations to Bulgaria’

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The head of the parliamentary group of the Green Party in Germany has called for a stop to refugee deportations to Bulgaria. It was not in the interest of the government in that northern German state to deport people to a country like Bulgaria, in which refugees were beaten. “That is inhumane,” Katrin Göring-Eckardt said in the town of Quickborn, which is part of the Schleswig-Holstein province. According to the Hamburger Abendblatt daily, Göring-Eckardt said that some regional authorities within Germany had already announced they would not deport refugees to Bulgaria anymore.

A discussion about this aspect started during a Green party event, which was part of the election campaign in that northern province. It was connected to last week’s tragedy, in which Ahmad Nawabi, a young refugee from Afghanistan, jumped out of a window in order to avoid deportation to Bulgaria.

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