German evaluation: Which Bulgarian ski resort is the best?

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German skiing portal has come up with a ranking of Bulgarian ski resorts. Not all of them got very far in the evaluations, several got average results and one Bulgarian ski resort got to be in first place. That portal says, the evaluation was “based on facts”. Well, let’s hope so. What else could they have based it on? Potato salad?

Let’s start at the bottom, in order to make this as suspenseful as Hitchcock. The 8th place goes to Govedartsi. Those Germans gave one out of possible five stars to the size aspect. Only one star was given to Govedartsi for the slope variety too. The bad news? They did not like the lifts either. Another single star. But, to be fair, they gave that place three stars for “reasons of comparison”. So it got two stars out of five total. Fair enough.

The glorious seventh place went to a place called “Vitosha/Sofia”, which some of us might have heard of. You guessed right: That resort is about as popular as Donald Trump after that tape leaked, according to that site, that is.

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