Sofia’s trams: Slow, shaky and dangerous on terrible tracks

Written by on October 8, 2016 in Bulgaria - Comments Off on Sofia’s trams: Slow, shaky and dangerous on terrible tracks

No, this is not about “arrogant expats” complaining about things. “Spasi Sofia” (“Save Sofia”) is a Bulgarian NGO in the capital, which shows the public and City Hall what needs to be done. When Sofia Municipality does not notice grave problems right in front of their window, they can check “Spasi Sofia”. This organization has made a difference, e.g. by fighting for the third Metro line, until the city started building it. This is their latest report on tram tracks.

Five brand new trams from Poland were recently delivered to Sofia, bringing the total number of new ones to 25. In part, those trams were funded by the European Union’s Project for Integrated Urban Transport. Sofia Municipality fails to inform the country about that project, even though it supplied new trolley buses too, which have improved the quality of public transport substantially, in areas where they are in operation.

But there are huge problems.

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