The dirty Black Sea: Swimming in wastewater

Written by on September 28, 2016 in Bulgaria - Comments Off on The dirty Black Sea: Swimming in wastewater
Beach at Lozenets on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast Photo: Clive Leviev-Sawyer

Now that the summer is gone and Bulgaria is expecting record numbers regarding tourists from abroad, one aspect is usually being overlooked: It’s the health of the Black Sea. The latter is not good at all.

According to scientists, the Black Sea eco system might fail sooner rather than later, because of all the wastewater from the resorts, and due to human failure.

Deutsche Welle released a video report on September 26, in which biologist Dimitar Popov paints a grim picture of the Black Sea’s health. He says the water quality is worse than anywhere in Europe. This problem affected the dolphins, as well as small and large fish.

Donsho Kirov, another expert interviewed by Deutsche Welle, showed the team a dead dolphin baby close to Krapets. According to him, all life in the Black Sea is suffering.

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