Refugee crisis: German church protects Syrian from Bulgaria

Written by on September 28, 2016 in Bulgaria - Comments Off on Refugee crisis: German church protects Syrian from Bulgaria

A Syrian refugee is being protected from Bulgaria by a Lutheran church in Germany. The 24-year-old, who had been registered in Bulgaria first, was supposed to be sent back to the country, due to the Dublin Agreement. In the town of Warendorf, North-Rhine Wesphalia, he now lives in a former church owned by the regional division of the Lutheran Church.

The daily Westfälische Nachrichten says, the refugee by the name of Ezzeddin Khoshko was incarcerated, beaten and threatened in Bulgaria. For that reason, and because non-governmental organizations are accusing Bulgaria of abuse, Khoshko is not being sent back. At least for now, he is protected by something called church asylum.

The publication in Germany quotes Hans-Jürgen Klein, a member of the Presbyterian Church in Beelen: “We all know what would happen to him in Bulgaria. That is why we are granting him asylum for humanitarian reasons.”

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