Bulgaria and Romania: Very similar and just as different

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They are two neighbouring states: Bulgaria and Romania. They have a similar history, at least in the past eight decades. Both of them entered the European Union on January 1 2007, both of them have been blasted since, several times, for not tidying up, not reforming their judicial system effective and fast enough, and what not.

Following Romanian news basically is like following Bulgarian news, even though some events are lagged. The Romanian smoking lobby is trying to macerate smoking bans in buildings right now. We have heard this kind of story before, over here in Bulgaria. Also, 75 per cent of Romanian teenagers consume alcoholic beverages. Yes, we had that in Bulgaria, just days ago.

Sofia is a chaos because of Metro line constructions. Well, so is Bucharest. A growing number of outsourcing companies in Romania employ a growing number of people. In this case, Romania is closing in on Bulgaria, the outsourcing paradise, from the perspective of the employers. Investors from Europe and Asia are building factories, in both countries.

Bulgaria and Sofia also share the problem called Black Sea. The latter has a huge pollution issue. Its eco system might fail soon.

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