Immigration office in Sofia: Fines for absolutely nothing

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There is nothing better than a nice little visit to the Immigration Office at Boulevard Maria Luiza. Two days ago, I had already handed in all documents they wanted, in order to receive a new Lichna Karta (I.D. card for foreigners). Today, I was going to pick it up.

There are two small booths for E.U. citizens. While waiting in line, I spoke to a Macedonian lady in front of me. She wanted to avoid the second booth, because “I don’t like that lady”. She meant the employee with her arrogant demeanor, who was bullying people, instead of doing her job properly.

When it was finally my turn, that same employee stared at me as if i had just run over her dog. She sent me to get more copies she did not need. But, the most scandalous aspect: She said, my old Lichna Karta was damaged. Indeed, it had a tiny crack (see photo), because it had been used for five years and since it was made of bad material. A tiny crack? So what? That card is already being discarded anyway. Nobody will ever use it again.

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