Dimitar Karanikolov: Perspectives by a perfectionist

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There are quite a few true photography perfectionists in Bulgaria, this small and beautiful country on the south-eastern edge of Europe. But there are probably only a dozen photographers, who take that perfection to the skies and to every tiny corner on this planet. One of the latter is Dimitar Karanikolov. The 40-year-old is an architect. The fact that the he became one of the best photographers down here, was some kind of a coincidence. He does architectual visualizations. So he needed someone to shoot premises and buildings from all angles. That someone turned out to be he himself. What is surprising, to say the least, is that Dimitar Karanikolov does not shoot for printed publications. Foreigners&Friends thanks him for contributing many Shots of the Day! He still sees photography as a hobby, while his performance as a photographer is already beyond professional.

Foreigners & Friends Magazine (FF): Recently, you came home with a ton of stunning shots from one of the most exotic places: Mongolia. What kind of an experience was that trip?

Dimitar Karanikolov: I took part in a photo expedition in Mongolia last summer led by the famous travel photographer Timothy Allen ( BBC, Human Planet). We spend several weeks living with remote nomad tribes in the most remote parts of Western Mongolia – on the border with Kazakhstan. There are no roads, infrastructure, electricity, mobile communication there…the Kazakh nomads who populate these lands live like their predecessors 2000 years ago. They move their ger camp 6 times a year in search for fresh pastures. Some families still practise the ancient tradition of hunting with golden eagles. It was a very authentic experience – a real expedition into the wild.

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