September 15 means back to school for Bulgarian pupils

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Photo: Clive Leviev-Sawyer

All over Bulgaria, countless parents have been going on last-minute shopping sprees with their school-going children in recent days. Since some schools had provided literature lists on their websites, many parents even knew which books to buy. Those who did not know yet, bought notebooks and pens. Many children got haircuts and new clothes. But, the big question is: Will those smartphones, with thousands of useless games on them, prevail? Or will our kids actually inhale all the wisdom coming towards them at school?

Some schools uploaded pretty useful information on time, like the precise time their students should show up on their first day after the summer vacation, and what room they should look for. In other institutions, such as school no. 32, St. Klement Ochridski, with 2000 pupils, they provided the information only yesterday evening, after hundreds of parents had called each other, since nobody knew anything until a few hours before school was supposed to start. In short: The absence of information can lead to some chaos. And it did.

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