Expat relationships: Opportunity and difficulty in love and family

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There are different kinds of expat relationships, in many ways. Actually, in all ways. But let’s look at nationalities, languages and a few other aspects here, in connection with close relationships of these kinds:

1. An expat can be with an expat of the same nationality.

2. An expat can be with a person carrying the nationality which matches the country they live in.

3. Two expats with different nationalities can be in a country neither of them carries a passport of.

Model no. 1: Well, if there are two foreigners, they at least have each other, during the long process of adapting, of getting to know the country and making friends. They would probably not learn about the culture and mentality as fast as they would in an “expat-local relationship”. Also, depending on the people involved and the circumstances, they might mainly seek friends of their own nationality or culture, which is not helpful. An advantage: If and when they decide to move away, they would probably not have to take difficult decisions about their next country or residence.

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