Refugee Crisis: Eastern European leaders want protection for Bulgaria

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Donald Tusk EC Audiovisual Service

Donald Tusk is the latest Eastern European politician to demand help for Bulgaria in the refugee crisis. The European Council President said he would ask the EU leaders to send more guards and equipment to Bulgaria, since the poorest EU country needed help for the protection of its southern border with Turkey. The heads of government will meet next week, in Bratislava.

Since the Bulgarian government has demanded help in its attempts to curb the flow of so-called “illegal migrants” into the country, the Czech Republic and Hungary have promised aid. The European border protection agency Frontex already sent more than 100 guards, and Greek border guards are protecting the Turkish-Bulgarian border with their Bulgarian colleagues.

At a news conference with Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas, Tusk said: “I will appeal to all 27 leaders to send concrete operational support to Bulgaria to protect its border with Turkey, in the form of border guards and equipment,” according to Estonian media reports.

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