In Western Bulgaria: The Botanical Garden of Love

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Yasen Ivanov opens the gate to his garden on a Saturday in early September, shortly before 10am. He seems to be surprised that there are visitors from Sofia this early. But he has been up for hours, working on his creation, his own botanical garden. It is a garden of love, for several reasons.

The young master student built this impressive garden on his own. He transported tons of tiny stones, for the nice paths leading through this paradise of flowers and other plants. He brought in all the earth needed, walking back and forth hundreds of times with his wheel barrow. He ordered seeds and planted them. It took several years to build Borika Botanical Garden. Yasen Ivanov is the only one in Bulgaria, and probably on the entire Balkan peninsula, who can say he built a botanical garden on his own. And it is the nicest one, on top of that. A garden of love. Love for plants, which he developed at the age of five.



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