Vilian Stefanov: Across Bulgaria on foot and by kayak

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Vilian Stefanov

The adventurer Vilian Stefanov managed to cross Bulgaria from south to north in 25 days. His means of travel: He walked. When he hit water, he used his inflatable kayak.

His adventure began on August 1 2016. In the following 25 days, he travelled 450km, from the Greek border, on the outskirts of the village of Mugla in the Rhodope mountains, to the town of Nikopol, on the bank of the Danube river. In order to reach his goal of crossing his home country, Vilian walked all by himself in the wilderness, he crossed rivers and and climbed mountains, including Botev Peak, 2376m above sea level, in the Stara Planina mountain range.

Vilian did not look for shelter. He spent each of the 25 nights either sleeping under a mosquito net, in his kayak, or in his hammock, hanging between the trees.

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