Expat-Test: You Know You are a Real Expat in Bulgaria when …

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You know you are an expat in Bulgaria when …

… you don’t need those lengthy explanations about Martenichki anymore.

… you start renovating your apartment at midnight, without caring about your noise.

… when you actually believe Vitosha Boulevard is the Champs Elysees of Sofia.

… when you take the stunning view of Vitosha mountain for granted.

… when you secretly like Chalga music, while complaining about it to your friends.

… when you start driving like an idiot, in order to adapt.

… when you already know the sales person at any shop you enter will not have any change.

… when you smoke like a chimney, without giving a damn.

… when you can name at least two national heroes of Bulgaria.

… when you are suddenly a fan of bench parties at parks.

… when you already feel Bulgarian, in a way, even though your knowledge of the language still sucks.

… when you enter the immigration office at Blvd. Maria Luiza, already knowing nobody in there speaks a word of English.

… when you know those elegantly dressed Mormon neighbours from Utah.

… when you don’t even try yellow cheese, butter or juice made in Bulgaria anymore.

… when you believe T-Market is the most elegant supermarket ever.

… when you believe you have a get-out-of-trouble-free-card, just because you drive a 1988 BMW, with 400,000 kilometers.

… when your hand is stuck to the sticky, dirty grabpole on tram line no. 22, and you don’t even notice.

… when you start enjoying electricity and water outages.

… when you understand this country better than yours.

… when you leave the fries inside the Hamburger you are having for lunch, without noticing.

… when you automatically lie down on the pavement, on your belly, while buying Cappy juice at a basement window store.

… when you have been to Stranzha, Rila, Pirin, Sakar and Stara Planina at least twice and you talk to all bears, using their first names.

… when you honestly believe the NDK is the center of the world.

What are your additions? Add some in the comment field and we will most likely post them. Thanks!

By Imanuel, incl. the picture.



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  1. Richard Payne September 22, 2016 at 5:51 AM · Reply

    ….no speed camera and fines are cheapo

  2. Richard Payne September 22, 2016 at 5:52 AM · Reply

    …..when u do 90mph on freeway

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