Festival of Tolerance in Sofia: ‘Tole-Fest’ and ‘Tole-Run’

Written by on August 17, 2016 in Bulgaria - Comments Off on Festival of Tolerance in Sofia: ‘Tole-Fest’ and ‘Tole-Run’

On September 17 2016, which is the Day of Sofia as well, this year’s edition of the “Tole-Fest” will start, a Festival of Tolerance. This event includes a “Tole-Run”, a marathon race through Sofia, on September 18.

The cultural part consists of a concert by Israeli Ethno-Pop singer Idan Raichel, a strong supporter of his home state. His “Acoustic Show” will take place at the Nu Boyana Film Studios on September 17. Raichel’s message: “Peace and tolerance in the world. Let’s build bridges, not walls”. Living in Israel, a state which has been facing hostilities, such as attacks and radical Islamist terrorism since its foundation in 1948, a state which has to defend itself against bias at the United Nations and in some European capitals, has left marks, not just on Idan Raichel, but on most Israelis.

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