Expats in Bulgaria: Do we feel better down here?

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We are expats for a reason. Either we are in love or we married a Bulgarian. Or both. Or we were sent here to do our job. Maybe we just want to live in this beautiful country, since the weather is a lot better than at home. It might be cheaper down here too. With a good pension from Western Europe, we might not have to worry about money much. Some of us see good business opportunities in Bulgaria. Others are stuck in this country, because of their half-Bulgarian children.

There are expats who know how long they will stay in Bulgaria, maybe due to a company assignment, which will end at a certain point. Others do not. It might be forever. Some of us might feel integrated, some might not. Also, there are expats who feel homesick, while others do not. Homesickness probably disappears after many years of living abroad, since the distance between us and our friends at home will increase automatically, the longer we are gone. At the same time, we make new friends as expats, in a different country.

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